Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Summer Dream Dress

A few months back, I spotted this Barabara Hulanicki for Topshop dress in Vogue and decided in the colds of winter that it was going to be my summer dress, the summer dress that I would wear to the beach with flip flops and with ankle boots to the pub but alas it's sold out. Typical.I don't even like to wear orange especially since I more or less have orange hair so the two don't often mix too well but there is just something I adore about this dress. It could be the simple girly shape, its mini skirt length, or quite possibly it's the fact that the silly print brings back memories of a swimsuit that my sister used to wear when she was five.If anybody hears of one for sale somewhere please let me know!Topshop created this fantastic little fashion film below to promote the collection, look out for the retro orange telephones.

Barbara Hulanicki lookbook TOPSHOP (c)Directed by Kinga Burza
for the dark room @ partizan


  1. I bought it and it is THE best dress. I just want to wear it every day.
    There are quite a few up on ebay I think - not sure if they're going for crazy money or what? I think oxford st topshop had a few left the other day but all size 16.

  2. lovely dress there was an interview with Barbara in the observer at the weekend.

  3. I know I saw it!and she was wearing all black...but she said that's all she wears now.Bizarre for a lady who creates spectacular printed clothing.

  4. Your so damn lucky to own that dress Jade, I'd say it really suits you;)

  5. I saw a more mature woman with it on the other day. And I actually stopped and stared.
    It such a perfect shape for a woman, and the shoulder pads are wonderful. The dress has such a great shape.
    I'm almost sure there are some left in stephens green, in a few sizes, I'll check if we're getting more back in too.

    Dean x

  6. Ha I bought it too - and I don't really care that everyone has it. Lots left in London if you're still looking.

  7. How did I miss this post?
    I adore that dress
    (the Chung has it....)
    Anyway, I also love the video you posted.
    The director, Kinga Burza is amazing. Check her out. She's got great style. I feel a blog of my own coming on about her.
    Fantastic blogging.
    Keep up the good work :)