Monday, April 27, 2009

Chez Limehouse Magazine

Limehouse Magazine is the latest freesheet to hit the streets of Dublin with the hope of filling the much needed void within the creative press industry. The magazine is the brainchild of sister duo Katie and Lucy Smyth whose mission is to provide a platform for emerging and established artists, illustrators, musicians, and designers to demonstrate their work. The dynamic duo respond to an interview below.

Photo: Toni Ireton (c)/styled by:Naomi Beauvoir Black

Style-Sphere: What was the impetus for launching a new freesheet magazine in Dublin?
Limehouse Magazine: We had the idea about two years ago, to form a magazine that would be a mixture of many disciplines - art, photography, fashion, writing, etc. We both knew so many creative and talented people who found it hard to find a platform to get their work shown on a wider scale. We thought we'd try and make a platform that combined various types of work. Because we're sisters, we thought it would be nice to work on something together. Thus, Limehouse was formed.

Style-Sphere: What do you hope to achieve with the magazine?
Limehouse: We hope to build a strong sense of community among creatives. To be a way for anyone and everyone to get their ideas and work out there.

Photo: Toni Ireton (c)/Styled by: Naomi Beauvoir Black

Style-Sphere: What was the most exciting thing about launching a new magazine onto the Dublin scene? Tell us a little about the reaction you have received so far?
Limehouse: We had no experience in putting a magazine together, so everything seems exciting to us right now! I guess we were surprised at the positive response we're getting, people seem to love the idea, so that's pretty exciting too.The most exciting thing is the talented contributors we keep coming across, finding new ideas and ways of thinking, new bands, new artists - well how could that not be exciting?

Style-Sphere: What is the ethos of Limehouse Magazine?
Limehouse: The ethos is to be a platform for people to get their work shown on a larger scale, to entertain inform and inspire readers. I guess to document life in a way, without taking ourselves too seriously!

Style-Sphere: What elements inspired you to create the obscure yet quirky content in the magazine?
Limehouse: The content is generally down to our contributors, and what we find interesting and would like to read.

Boy by Tom Meade / Scabgate by Vinny McEntee

Style-Sphere: Can we expect the unexpected in Issue 2?
Limehouse: We want to make each issue fresh and exciting. As we we are just finding our feet in issue one, we hope for issue two to be a bit tighter. We have some great ideas and articles coming in - lets just hope that readers find them as entertaining as we do!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Unisex Menswear

Regularly I stumble upon online shops with menswear that far surpasses the womenswear collections on offer however, I was happy to discover that Swedish label Odeur define themselves as a unisex menswear collection. The label launched in 2006 and is designed by duo Petter Hollstrom and Anna Lidstrom, it is stocked in several conceptual stores worldwide including; Temporary Showroom (Berlin),Rubber Soul (Oslo), Doshaburi (Barcelona) as well as a stream of stores throughout Sweden and Japan. According to Odeur "All garments are endorsed with the scent of Odeur- an androgynous, clean, white and light scent". I reckon it was imperative that I mention their adept description of this scent which is as follows, “the aroma chosen to represent Odeur is based on a number of visual factors; the clean lines of the clothing with an almost androgynous alien look. By using aromas that stem from the higher scale, the scent of Odeur has become a light, white and clean fragrance. The scent is meant to be clean and unusual, but not a quirky sexual fragrance. It is not gender specific, and the chosen aroma covers all natural elements. It is fresh, clean and modern”-Odeur.

Images from

It was the crisp white cardigan above that enticed my attention, it is so intelligently constructed with its strategically placed snap fasteners and its asymmetric drape to one side. The nonchalant styling in the lookbook suits the construction of the piece, I like how it is slung loosely over the low crotch black trousers and alternatively styled over white skinny jeans for a preppier look. I would probably wear a long black Isabel Marant linen top underneath and pop a vintage snakeskin belt around the waist for a slightly more feminine take on the look.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to Basics

T-shirts by Nakkna@
L-R (clockwise)Dress& hoodie@ American Apparel, Jumpers@ Nakkna for Weekday , Zip dress@ Surface to Air

Personally, I find that good basics are always the most difficult part of a wardrobe to source or perhaps I'm just a fusspot, but when it comes to having the perfect black top to layer under a summer dress or when I want to keep my look simple by wearing monochromes, adding basic wear to a wardrobe can be a challenge. Needless to say one can easily find adequate basics from the likes of Primark but when you care about every little design feature or the quality of the fabrics that you wear, then basics matter a hell of a lot. From finding that suitable simple vest that is just long enough to cover love handles, to that slender slip dress that you require to create a layered look, the search for that item can be quite arduous. And once you do discover your love for good quality basics, there is no going back. A basics love affair also exists within menswear but it can prove to be even more complicated because there tends to be an abundance of basics, so choosing the right piece becomes the hard bit. Here are some of the best basics around.Enjoy.

L/R (Clockwise)t-shirts@ Acne ,trenchcoat@ Surface to Air
Unisex shirt@ Slow & Steady Wins the Race

A.P.C trousers @ Tresbienshop

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dark Room Notes - 'Lets's Light Fires'

Check out this fantastic video from Dublin band Dark Room Notes, the song Lets light Fires is from their newly released album We Love you Dark Matter.I shall be attending their Cork gig in May, can't wait to hear more from this uber-stylish band.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Powder my Nose


Forties-esque Hollywood glamour is painted all over the faces of Elie Saabs models for his Fall 2009 collection.The elegantly coiffed hair and the red bouches sit perfectly beside the equally elegant collection of sculpted dresses, cinched in jackets, and low cut gloves.Kudos to the hair and make-up team. All I need now is hairspray and a generous dollop of red lipstick in my pathetic attempt in re-creating this look.

Puppet on a Chain

The movie Puppet on a Chain based on the thriller novel by Alistair Mac Clean, is an unlikely fashion reference, but I couldn't quite take my eyes off the colourful trench coats, the big hair, and the white knee socks that the actors wear throughout the movie. The male protagonist, a narcotics bureau agent is just as impressive as far as the style stakes are concerned,he carries out his detective duties dressed in a Hedi Slimane esque beaten up biker jacket teamed with a silk cravat, or a sharp suit complete with skinny tie and a suave comb over.Perhaps the seventies aren't so bad afterall.

Pictures (c)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Wow in White


Check out the Azzedine Alaïa arrival of white dresses in Dover Street Market.I want all four please!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Krazy for KTZ

Kokon to Zai (KTZ) is the brainchild of super talented duo Sasko Bezovski and Marjan Pejoski who collectively work in the varying fields of fashion design, buying,djing and styling.Each season brings about an even more experimental collection from the innovative London based label, and the current season is no exception taking its inspiration from Blade Runner, and tribal references.The spring summer 09 collection is mega jeweled,overly embellished,colourful, and full of the archetypal KTZ personality, they are the type of clothes that make you want to leap around the streets or dance your socks off. It's couture clubwear for want of a new genre of fashion. What's more, the label won the New Generation award this season so a few select pieces from the collection are stocked in Topshop as part of the Edit concession which also includes: Marios (Italy), Diana Orving (Sweden),Grey Ant(LA) and Starstyling(Berlin) for a limited period only.Also available from

I ordered the tubed leather jacket (pictured below) from last seasons collection and I just adore it, I haven't worn it that much because it's just one of those special pieces. It has a marvellous texture of patented leather with hard leather tubing embossed over the leather to create a 3D like effect. There is a sort of superhero effect in wearing their clothes because of the powerful design execution, every design detail is considered down to the lining of the pockets (see below green stripe lining).

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bless yourself at bedtime

Bless is a concept driven fashion and art label who are based primarily from Berlin.Their latest print offering is a bedsheet featuring a couple sleeping, so you never have to go to bed alone again!They are 100% satin and are available online from the uber cool online store Farfetch.


Clarks Magic Shoes were the pinnacle of shoe perfection when I was 7 years old. Sadly, I didn't actually own a pair but I did dream of it.I think my Mum ended up buying me the Primark version which needless to say didn't open up any magical land.I wanted them so much, it wasn't just the shoes of course, but the clever advertising that lured little girls into believing that a magical land would await them,the simple insertion of a gold plastic key was all it would take to enter the other realm. Clarks ad campaign just demonstrates the power creative advertising exerts over little girls imaginations and grown up girls memories.To this day I would still like a pair.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Knick Knack Shop

Shop O.K. in Berlin is a mecca for those who love to stock up on knick knacks. One could even mistake the store for a toyshop or a sweet shop with all its bright colours leaping out from the kitsch window displays.My friend Sarah accompanied me to O.K. store, she collects everything from baby dolls, old photos and robots, to many other miscellaneous oddities. Sarah ended up buying a mini lamp shade, a plastic chicken and a tin robot(check out her quirky
blog: was very excited to discover this little store. I on the other hand couldn't decide on what I wanted because it all looked so cute, so I bought a friend a heart shaped bicycle reflector.I look forward to visiting O.K. land again and getting excited over bits and bobs that I probably don't need.They have a great online store where you can nab a cute and inexpensive gift.The Russian Dolls start at €10, the plastic chickens at €3.50, the Masks are €25 and the bottle holder is €20.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bold and Beautiful Balmain

Spring/Summer 2009 Balmain directed by the also beautiful Christophe Decarnin is every fashion lovers dream wardrobe. The infamous razor slashed bleached jeans and studed sandals reference glam rock and punk, while floaty bum dipping dresses maintain the element of femininity. Decarnin suceeds in creating a collection that surpasses all Madonnas eighties dreams whilst also satisfying the palates of those who like to look pretty as well as edgy.Decarnin for Balmain is the forerunner in creating a post modernist eighties fashion movement.I left a gasp when I saw the collection on FTV, oh... I want it all.

Stud Ambition

I don't always follow trends, but I, like the rest of the fashion press will happily endorse the stud obsession. Studs it seems are the quick and easy method to toughen up your look be it ball gown glamour, party wear, or daywear. All the luxe designers have added studs to their SS/09 collections, see Alice Temperley's odyessey belt and Alexander Wangs studded white dress in the collage above, even Nike are adding a sprinkling of gold studs to their latest limited edition high tops.Givenchy were ahead of the fashion pack with their giant gold studded blazer as worn by Mary-Kate Olsen last season.Look to Axel Rose and Slash for true studding inspiration. Long live chic grunge.

Alice Temperley SS/09

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A few of my favorite things


I have just put together the first of my coveted summer outfits. I have been searching for an interesting ruffle dress for sometime and discovered this one by Isabel Marant in Dublin boutique Costume last week. One of the girls who owns the shop was wearing hers with a black vest worn underneath, a slouchy knit, and her AF Vandervorst knee boots. I love that idea of hardening up pretty dresses with everyday boots and knits, at least it makes clothes more wearable and justifies spending €400 on a whimsical summer dress. Isabel Marant can recreate casual french chic through her effortless designs . The aesthetic of the label tends to stem from what french girls typically wear on the street, which is the idea of throwing together a look from your bedroom floor. Think leggings, ballet pumps, a floaty white shirt or a smock dress, a printed scarf and finished off with a battered vintage parka. Celebrity followers of the label include; Sofia Coppola, Kirsten Dunst, Jane Birkin and Charlize Theron.