Monday, April 27, 2009

Chez Limehouse Magazine

Limehouse Magazine is the latest freesheet to hit the streets of Dublin with the hope of filling the much needed void within the creative press industry. The magazine is the brainchild of sister duo Katie and Lucy Smyth whose mission is to provide a platform for emerging and established artists, illustrators, musicians, and designers to demonstrate their work. The dynamic duo respond to an interview below.

Photo: Toni Ireton (c)/styled by:Naomi Beauvoir Black

Style-Sphere: What was the impetus for launching a new freesheet magazine in Dublin?
Limehouse Magazine: We had the idea about two years ago, to form a magazine that would be a mixture of many disciplines - art, photography, fashion, writing, etc. We both knew so many creative and talented people who found it hard to find a platform to get their work shown on a wider scale. We thought we'd try and make a platform that combined various types of work. Because we're sisters, we thought it would be nice to work on something together. Thus, Limehouse was formed.

Style-Sphere: What do you hope to achieve with the magazine?
Limehouse: We hope to build a strong sense of community among creatives. To be a way for anyone and everyone to get their ideas and work out there.

Photo: Toni Ireton (c)/Styled by: Naomi Beauvoir Black

Style-Sphere: What was the most exciting thing about launching a new magazine onto the Dublin scene? Tell us a little about the reaction you have received so far?
Limehouse: We had no experience in putting a magazine together, so everything seems exciting to us right now! I guess we were surprised at the positive response we're getting, people seem to love the idea, so that's pretty exciting too.The most exciting thing is the talented contributors we keep coming across, finding new ideas and ways of thinking, new bands, new artists - well how could that not be exciting?

Style-Sphere: What is the ethos of Limehouse Magazine?
Limehouse: The ethos is to be a platform for people to get their work shown on a larger scale, to entertain inform and inspire readers. I guess to document life in a way, without taking ourselves too seriously!

Style-Sphere: What elements inspired you to create the obscure yet quirky content in the magazine?
Limehouse: The content is generally down to our contributors, and what we find interesting and would like to read.

Boy by Tom Meade / Scabgate by Vinny McEntee

Style-Sphere: Can we expect the unexpected in Issue 2?
Limehouse: We want to make each issue fresh and exciting. As we we are just finding our feet in issue one, we hope for issue two to be a bit tighter. We have some great ideas and articles coming in - lets just hope that readers find them as entertaining as we do!


  1. I must look out for this - it looks really interesting! It must be fun putting together a magazine too.

  2. This sounds exciting. What's the paper like? HEHE
    I'd love it if someone were to oh I don't know, post me a copy....
    They say it's for everyone but I really wonder how expansive that everyone is.... let's wait and see.
    Interesting though. I love the photos.

  3. Ooh, a new freesheet. Ya. Can't wait to check it out. Lx.

  4. Amazing idea!!!
    Where would one find a copy of said publication?

  5. Woo pretty, I love a good freesheet, I'll be looking out for this over the weekend.

  6. i was lucky to get a copy its great best of luck to them

  7. Freesheet? Does that mean it´s for free? The mag looks interesting. :)