Thursday, October 29, 2009


(c)Jimmy Hamelin

As the title of this blog posting implies, I was pretty impressed with my first fashion show in Montréal.It was certainly nice to see a bombardment of colour explode onto the catwalk, a far cry from the bitter weather outside, and the parade of winter woollies clogging up the streets already.The show began with a welcome outburst of colours onto the catwalk, models rocked to the music sporting scarlet red lipstick,backcombed bouffants adorned with giant flowers against the backdrop of acid bright ensembles. It was all very playful in line with the designers 1950's theme.Inspiration derived from the continually inspiring Grey Gardens movie. The models certainly played up to the characters of Edith and little Edie Beale, as they tossed their big hair and flung off their cascading heals on the very slippy rose strewn catwalk.I have never encountered so many happy -go -lucky models with genuine smiles.It was refreshing and enhanced the theme of the swinging fifties.

But this is definitely a fun collection and not for the faint hearted, playsuits, high waisted shorts,vegan leather, and cropped t-shirts were the prevailing styles.But for those that like to wear clothes that put them in a better mood then this is the collection for you, it oozed joie de vivre.Several journalists reported that this was by far the most jovial fashion show of Montréal Fashion Week.What's more it is all produced ethically.Félicitations Barilà!

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