Friday, October 30, 2009


Vintage, vintage, vintage, there is no escaping the lure of vintage clothing in Montréal. Well I certainly can't walk down the street without dipping into one of the treasure troves along the boulevard Saint Laurent or the Plateau quartiers.The first of my vintage escapades began with a street invite to check out "The ladies of vintage" special one day sale which was taking place in a popular local gallery. All the ladies inside were dressed in their vintage attire and some went over board just for the fun of the day.There was lots of trying on and laughter and the usual discussions about how wonderful a certain piece with each vendor pondering the thought of parting with their one off pieces. There was no pressure to buy just to enjoy and have fun amongst the beautiful finds they collected.It was all very inexpensive compared to the European vintage market. There were delicate silk lingerie nightgowns for $20, a pair of YSL- esque gate boots for a mere 35 bucks and a mint condition glass beaded bolero for $40. All the jewellery was between $10 and $20 despite its possible value.I allowed myself to purchase two pieces (I'm supposed to be budgeting!).
One vendor was donating her end of sale goods to a centre for homeless women which was very generous.It was nice to see them have their Saturday fun, dress up, and just make a day out of it.Nice work ladies.


  1. je l'adore (cause in montreal they speak french).
    nice shopping finds. when i finally make canada, i will go there.
    xx SOS-er fi

  2. Montreal is a treasure for vintage finds! I always do a little shopping when I'm there visiting from Toronto...that looked like a great gathering :-)

  3. Yeah it is!I have found some cool pieces here,I bought a beautiful gold necklace at that gathering for a mere 10 dollars!Steal