Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It's not cold just yet but it is scheduled to snow this Thursday in Montréal. I'm not prepared; I'm still wearing an insubstantial blazer and vintage boots. My only winter wear here consists of a cashmere wrap, a pair of cheap (magic!) gloves and a Kangol Russian hat. So, I have been browsing the beautiful stores of Montreal and here comes my wishlist for that winter chill just around the corner, well the under layer at least.Brrrrr.

Fur Ear Muffs Unicorn Store


  1. That snood is cute. I tried knitting my own but it didnt really work out, its more like a big knitted necklace lol x

  2. Yeah I must start knitting soon I miss it.A snood is a challenge however!The m0851 snood is so nice in the alpaca wool.I must buy one ;)