Sunday, March 15, 2009

Carin Wester for the Summer

A graduate of Beckhams College of design in Stockholm, Carin Wester launched her label in 2003. She was awarded “Newcomer Designer of the year” in 2005 by Swedish Elle magazine. Her collection has gone from strength to strength over the past few seasons and the mens collection is now well incorporated into the label.I first saw one of her lace pieces in Jalouse magazine and I have checked up on the label ever since. It was her AW/08 nautical series that I really fell head over heels for when I viewed the collection at Rendez Vous.I am the proud owner of the Ismeralda black dress and the Iris jersey dress.I will post a photo of one of these at the end of the post.The mens collection is not for the faint hearted man, it takes a brave young man to carry off pink pants but kudos all round if you can! The suiting is exceptional, I love the fact that is understated and a little sloppy, but still manages to be sophisticated in its own non-chalant way.

Weekday store in Sweden began a new project recently called Weekday Extended, whereby they hand -pick a Swedish designer to specially design a limited edition collection. Carin Wester was one of the selected and CW by Carin Wester turned out to be a fun mini collection. I would like to get my hands on the black jersey corset dress, a comfy corset, how is that possible?

My Ismeralda dress.


  1. LOVE the dress, the shape is so awesome!

    P.S. Your header is so fascinating, I adore it :-)

  2. Oooh! CW is purdy. Your dress is an interesting shape. I'd look like a tank if I tried it though.

  3. wow, she is phenomenal, i'd never heard of her before but all of her looks appeal to me, where can i get my hands on those clothes ?!

  4. love carin wester and your dress kills me !!