Monday, March 9, 2009

Catwalk Chic

I received this quirkey little card from my friends lately and I couldn't quite get those stylish kitties out of my head. Of course, the phenomenon is the brainchild of a Japanese artist called Satoru Tsuda who became inspired after rescuing four kittens from the streets. He figured that the kittens could represent the similar social interactions that occur between humans and thus the 'Nameneko' cat was born. Nameneko by the way, stands for "don't bullshit me". The shoots were constructed exactly the same as a real life photo shoot, all the sets are handmade, and everything down to the lights is one sixth of its original size. Ad poster campaigns follwed with the Nameneko cats being used in political campaigns, Coca Cola ads, and even the Police force. The kittens modelling life is short and they usually retire before growing into an adult cat which isn't unlike the current fashion model industry...

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