Sunday, March 8, 2009

Forever til death do us part...

The fashion economists are trying to promote the new it bag otherwise known as the forever bag because well, with a price tag of €1000 upwards it should last you for the rest of your fashionable life. There is no point it seems in spending the odd €50 on a handbag in Topshop, or a few hundred on a decent one from All Saints, because in the end it all adds up. So instead, the advice is to fork out on the classic bag of your dreams, be it the latest chanel reissued edition, or a slouchy Miu Miu bucket bag, the choice to splurge your savings on a possible long term purchase is yours. I got my hands on a navy Chanel bag from the 1980's, it has a really unusual corner pocket which I haven't seen around that much. However, I didn't quite splash my savings on the bag, I offered to babysit a friends kids for free in exchange for her Chanel bag!

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  1. Are you serious??? Wow... If I had a Chanel bag I wouldn't part with it for love or money... or free babysitting... How long did you have to babysit before you got it?

    ps - thanks for your comment! I've run away from Dublin too... I'm in New York and hope to be here for about three years. Then I'll return in a blaze of glory, with a wealth of experience in my Mulberry...

    pps - I'm linking you!