Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Unisex Menswear

Regularly I stumble upon online shops with menswear that far surpasses the womenswear collections on offer however, I was happy to discover that Swedish label Odeur define themselves as a unisex menswear collection. The label launched in 2006 and is designed by duo Petter Hollstrom and Anna Lidstrom, it is stocked in several conceptual stores worldwide including; Temporary Showroom (Berlin),Rubber Soul (Oslo), Doshaburi (Barcelona) as well as a stream of stores throughout Sweden and Japan. According to Odeur "All garments are endorsed with the scent of Odeur- an androgynous, clean, white and light scent". I reckon it was imperative that I mention their adept description of this scent which is as follows, “the aroma chosen to represent Odeur is based on a number of visual factors; the clean lines of the clothing with an almost androgynous alien look. By using aromas that stem from the higher scale, the scent of Odeur has become a light, white and clean fragrance. The scent is meant to be clean and unusual, but not a quirky sexual fragrance. It is not gender specific, and the chosen aroma covers all natural elements. It is fresh, clean and modern”-Odeur.

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It was the crisp white cardigan above that enticed my attention, it is so intelligently constructed with its strategically placed snap fasteners and its asymmetric drape to one side. The nonchalant styling in the lookbook suits the construction of the piece, I like how it is slung loosely over the low crotch black trousers and alternatively styled over white skinny jeans for a preppier look. I would probably wear a long black Isabel Marant linen top underneath and pop a vintage snakeskin belt around the waist for a slightly more feminine take on the look.


  1. hello and welcome to my blog. i haven't time at the moment to delve into yours but i will later. i hope you're enjoying your time in west cork what a beautiful place to be. but i know when the fashion bug bites there's no getting away. I'll talk soon d

  2. I love the cardigan when it's on the guy but on the hanger it's bleh. I like it open and I think you'd look great in the combo you proposed. I will have to check out that shop that stocks Odeur here.
    I know the street but not sure if I've ever been to that exact shop.
    X Jo

  3. Thanks!Yeah it's a cool label, defo check out that shop it stocks some really ace labels that you would like X C

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    You know what´s so funny...I bought a jacket at ´Weekdays´ in stockholm and the more I´m wearing that jacket, the more I´m thinking it´s a ladies jacket because it´s quite short...hahaha. Well, perhaps it´s a unisex jacket.

  5. Find me a good dude's clothing store in Toronto.