Monday, April 6, 2009


Clarks Magic Shoes were the pinnacle of shoe perfection when I was 7 years old. Sadly, I didn't actually own a pair but I did dream of it.I think my Mum ended up buying me the Primark version which needless to say didn't open up any magical land.I wanted them so much, it wasn't just the shoes of course, but the clever advertising that lured little girls into believing that a magical land would await them,the simple insertion of a gold plastic key was all it would take to enter the other realm. Clarks ad campaign just demonstrates the power creative advertising exerts over little girls imaginations and grown up girls memories.To this day I would still like a pair.


  1. Oh Wow! This brings back so many memories - mine were pink - and I kept the shoe box and made it in to a 'treasure chest'. Its probably still in the attic!

  2. just passing through decided to say hello

  3. I can feel the neural pathways re-opening. My sister had a pair of these. Wowsa!