Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to Basics

T-shirts by Nakkna@
L-R (clockwise)Dress& hoodie@ American Apparel, Jumpers@ Nakkna for Weekday , Zip dress@ Surface to Air

Personally, I find that good basics are always the most difficult part of a wardrobe to source or perhaps I'm just a fusspot, but when it comes to having the perfect black top to layer under a summer dress or when I want to keep my look simple by wearing monochromes, adding basic wear to a wardrobe can be a challenge. Needless to say one can easily find adequate basics from the likes of Primark but when you care about every little design feature or the quality of the fabrics that you wear, then basics matter a hell of a lot. From finding that suitable simple vest that is just long enough to cover love handles, to that slender slip dress that you require to create a layered look, the search for that item can be quite arduous. And once you do discover your love for good quality basics, there is no going back. A basics love affair also exists within menswear but it can prove to be even more complicated because there tends to be an abundance of basics, so choosing the right piece becomes the hard bit. Here are some of the best basics around.Enjoy.

L/R (Clockwise)t-shirts@ Acne ,trenchcoat@ Surface to Air
Unisex shirt@ Slow & Steady Wins the Race

A.P.C trousers @ Tresbienshop


  1. grr this zip dress is perfect !
    i go now check it, thanks for the link ;)

  2. I love the white t shirt in the second picture. Basics are really important. I think if your wardrobe has the right foundations then you'll never have one of those 'i dont have anything to wear' days. Sadly, im the most inappropriate buyer in the world. I buy something if its nice..not if i need it :)

  3. great post :D!
    i love good basics and im a bit of a snob when it comes to it, it has to be good quality of material, well stitched and well shaped, i want it to go with everything. i love the stuff on weekday and monki, actually most swedish sights, they seem to have got the basics perfect!