Saturday, April 4, 2009

Knick Knack Shop

Shop O.K. in Berlin is a mecca for those who love to stock up on knick knacks. One could even mistake the store for a toyshop or a sweet shop with all its bright colours leaping out from the kitsch window displays.My friend Sarah accompanied me to O.K. store, she collects everything from baby dolls, old photos and robots, to many other miscellaneous oddities. Sarah ended up buying a mini lamp shade, a plastic chicken and a tin robot(check out her quirky
blog: was very excited to discover this little store. I on the other hand couldn't decide on what I wanted because it all looked so cute, so I bought a friend a heart shaped bicycle reflector.I look forward to visiting O.K. land again and getting excited over bits and bobs that I probably don't need.They have a great online store where you can nab a cute and inexpensive gift.The Russian Dolls start at €10, the plastic chickens at €3.50, the Masks are €25 and the bottle holder is €20.

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